Welcome to YobiYoba, a speech recognition service to transcribe audio and video recordings.


A simple pay as you go pricing scheme

From 0.01 € (excl. tax) /Min

  •  No minimum fee per file
  •  Transcription credit never expire
  •  You only pay for the amount of transcribed speech, not for the file duration
  •  No extra fee to manage, edit, or convert your transcripts
  •  Export your transcriptions in various text and subtitling formats (PDF, DOC, RTF, CSV, SRT, VTT, ...)
  • Credit your account with Paypal, Stripe, Credit Card or a coupon
  • Pricing is degressive according to the amount of purchased time. From 0.08 € to 0.01 € per minute (excl. tax).
All prices include EU VAT

Speech to text conversion transforms spoken words into written texts. YobiYoba voice-to-text conversion process is done in 3 steps. First our software identifies the audio segments containing speech, then it recognizes the language being spoken if it is not known a priori, and finally it converts the speech segments to time-coded texts. The transcription result is an XML document which we then convert on-demand to various text and subtitling formats including PDF, RTF, CSV, SRT or VTT.

It is important to understand that like any other pattern recognition technology, speech transcription cannot be error free. We therefore provide an editing tool for you to manually modify or correct the automatic transcripts. You can also help the transcription process by providing a list of uncommon words which are specific to your data (such as proper names). To get even better results, you can also provide some plain text which is closely related to the audio data.