Frequently Asked Questions

YobiYoba is an automatic transcription service.
We provide a simple, easy to use tool which allows you to transform speech into text, and you can optionally, and at your convenience, modify the automatic transcript and download it in your favorite format.

Our engineers constantly work to add additional languages to the YobiYoba service. For the moment we are able to offer automatic transcription in 26 languages. Here is the current list:

Chinese (Mandarin)
Persian (Farsi)

Of course, YobiYoba includes an option to automatically detect the language spoken in the audio file, letting the system determine the language for you. Note however that the system may make a mistake when selecting the language, it is therefore better to specify the spoken language if you know it.

The service does not currently support processing of several languages in one audio file. It will treat the audio file as if it were monolingual using the language you specified or that was automatically detected.

You can upload any type of audio or video files, or an archives. YobiYoba will handle extracting the audio portion of each file uploaded.

No, this is not needed. YobiYoba can separate the audio channels for you.

Not at all. Even though our transcription process is fast, you do not need to spend your time waiting for the transcription result. You can even activate the option in your account settings to be sent an email whenever a transcript is ready. You can also request the service to send you the transcript by e-mail.

The YobiYoba service only bills the time of the transcribed speech, and not the total file duration.
The transcription price is 0.01 € par minute of speech.

Your account contains a reserve of time.
You can recharge this directly with PayPal or Credit Card.
If you wish, and for company accounts, we can authorize recharging by bank transfer. Just make a request to the customer service.

In addition, for companies using the ChorusPro platform to manage their invoicing, the YobiYoba platform allows automatic management of ChorusPro purchase orders.

Uploading files to our service does not cost you anything.
Your time counter is only debited when you confirm a transcription request.
At confirmation time, the total file duration is debited from your counter. Once processing is finished, your account will be recredited the time corresponding to regions without speech.

No need to worry! Your files are only accessible to you and only when you are connected to the service.

YobiYoba hosts servers in several DataCenters in order to provide quick and reliable service for our clients.
However, on your account settings you can choose to process your files only on European DataCenters.

We suggest that you reinitialize your password.

If you still have a problem, please contact client services at .